The ministry of Glenda Moyer: Alive In Him

What does Alive In Him Ministries do?

Simply put, Alive In Him Ministries consists of the preaching and teaching ministry of Rev. Glenda Moyer. When Rev. Moyer is invited to speak, she shares the Gospel, prays for the sick, and ministers according to the direction of the Holy Spirit. When possible, Glenda’s husband, Kevin, accompanies her and is available to sing.

Alive In Him’s vision for training Christians includes providing local pastors with the type of guest ministry they would appreciate most for their congregation. To facilitate this, Rev. Moyer consults with pastors ahead of time to determine how Alive in Him can meet the congregation’s needs.

The subjects that Rev. Moyer teaches most frequently are:

  • God’s healing power
  • How to strengthen our relationship with the Lord
  • The message of salvation
  • The power of God’s Word
  • The importance of faith
  • The fullness of all Jesus did for us in the redemption (salvation, healing, prosperity, soundness of mind, and more)