About Rev. Glenda E. Moyer

Rev. Glenda Moyer is an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She travels extensively throughout the United States and internationally, preaching the Word of God and teaching about salvation, healing, spending time with God, and restoration. Her meetings are frequently characterized by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, especially through the gifts of faith, miracles, healings, and prophecy. Rev. Moyer’s bold and straightforward approach to preaching stirs hearts and encourages people to develop a fervent hunger for God. Wherever she ministers, the power of God is being poured out upon His people.

Rev. Glenda Moyer is licensed and ordained through the Rhema Ministerial Association International of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I was raised in the small town of Siletz, Oregon, with several brothers and sisters. Brought up in a Christian home, I came to know the Lord at the early age of 6. As a young girl, I would often spend time in the woods near our house, and God would speak to me during those quiet times. A powerful desire to know God grew in me as I grew up, and I began seeking Him more.

At the age of 15, I was suddenly afflicted with a skin disorder of the hands and arms. I was embarrassed by its effects…the way it ate up my skin and looked so ugly. But the doctors I visited couldn’t help me. They told me I was allergic to soap and water, and told me to wear gloves while cleaning. I did it, but the skin disorder wouldn’t heal. I tried creams and other medicines, but nothing worked.

Around the same time I was suffering with my skin problem, my mother’s friend developed cancer. That friend began seeking help from God, and one day she received healing while attending a Katherine Kuhlman meeting. Excited by what God had done for her, she encouraged my mother and me to attend a Katherine Kuhlman meeting ourselves.

We all have moments that transform us and change the direction of our lives. For me, that transforming moment happened while I was sitting in that meeting. When Katherine Kuhlman came on stage to minister, I saw the glory of God on her. I was amazed. It was so beautiful! And at that moment, God spoke to me about my future. He said, “Take notice. What you’re seeing is the presence of the Holy Spirit. This is what I want you to do. I’m calling you to preach my Word.”

Young, embarrassed by my skin condition, and quiet by nature, I thought there was no way I could do what God was asking. But I continued to seek Him, and I learned more and more about His healing promises. I listened to teachers who believed in the power of having faith in God’s Word. And I began to see that healing belongs to us today. I believed God’s Word in 1 Peter 2:24, having faith that God would heal my skin disorder. Within months, I received total healing. In fact, it happened while I was washing the dishes one day. That’s how amazing God is! In the middle of doing those dishes, I removed my hands from the water and was startled to see my skin had suddenly become completely healthy. I realized then that God’s Word has amazing power!

I felt the call of God upon my life to share with others the things I learned about Him. At age 17, I entered the ministry, traveling with an established evangelist who mentored me and allowed me to teach in his afternoon services. Within a few years, I was traveling on my own, holding revival meetings in small towns, preaching and teaching God’s Word. I watched God do wonderful things in the lives of the people I spoke to. Many people were saved and healed by God’s power.

In 1978, while teaching at a women’s retreat in Oregon, I realized God was directing me to attend Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I came off the road and started school that September. During my time at Rhema, I met my husband, Kevin, who is a music minister. After we graduated in 1980, we were married.

Over the years, I have continued to travel in ministry, both in the United States and internationally, with my husband Kevin helping me. Currently we reside in Owasso, Oklahoma, with our two daughters.

—Glenda Moyer

Alive in Him Ministries exists to share the knowledge of God with as many people as possible, reaching the unreached, and helping people develop their relationship with Him.

Alive In Him Ministries is dedicated to promoting the following Biblical truths and values:

Fellowship with the Lord
All faith stems from our relationship with God. It is vital that we spend time with Him, learn to communicate with Him, and build our relationship with Him—every day.
God’s gift of healing
God is just as willing to heal people today as He has ever been. Jesus purchased healing for us through His suffering, and we can receive healing through our faith in Him.
The transforming power of God’s Word
God’s Word changes people’s lives. Alive In Him Ministries is committed to sharing the fullness of the Gospel, including all that Jesus Christ did for us in the redemption.
Reaching the unreached and the under-reached
Everyone deserves to hear about Jesus, even people who seem hard to reach. Alive In Him Ministries strongly believes in reaching out to businesspeople, especially businesswomen; people who live in small towns; the unsaved; and people living in hard-to-reach places that others are reluctant to visit.
Embracing the fullness of the Holy Spirit
True ministry means following the Holy Spirit’s direction…whether it’s to preach, teach, pray, or minister according to the Holy Spirit’s gifts. Alive In Him often sees the gifts of healing, miracles, and prophecy take place in meetings.
The simplicity of the Gospel
God wants people to understand His will and how to walk with Him. The Gospel isn’t complicated or confusing. Alive In Him Ministries preaches boldly but simply, with the intention of making God’s Word easy for everyone to understand and receive.
Training up Christians
Every Christian can be trained to work for the Lord right where he or she lives. For this reason, Alive In Him Ministries strives to meet the specific needs of the local churches and organizations we visit. Our vision for the future includes establishing networks for Christian businesspeople and for Christian women in all walks of life, providing opportunities for them to be trained to excel in their communities.
Providing encouragement
All Christians can and should be trained and prepared to actively participate in the Great Commission given by Jesus to all believers. In training Christians to win the lost and to live for Christ, Alive in Him emphasizes the truth that in Christ, there is total equality. Every true believer shares the same type of relationship with Christ. Each of us is equal "in Him" and we all are called to the same calling to walk with Him and reach others for Him, regardless of our age, gender, or race.
  • The Bible is a revelation from God to people. As such, the Bible represents God’s Words to us and His plans and desires for us. It is completely true, utterly trustworthy, and will last forever. We choose our actions and live our lives by what the Bible says.
  • God is comprised of three separate and distinct personalities—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit—who function as one entity.
  • Humanity was created good and in a state of acceptance before God. But when humanity (through Adam and Eve) chose to disobey God, the result was that we fell away from God and that state of being accepted. This fallen state makes it impossible for humans to redeem themselves to God. Our only hope is for God to redeem us, which He did through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • The blood of Jesus Christ, which was shed for us when He was on the Cross, is the only way to receive forgiveness for our sins. Without that forgiveness, we cannot enter Heaven, no matter how good we may think we have been. We must accept God’s forgiveness through believing in Jesus Christ and asking Him into our lives as Lord and Savior. If we do this, we can live forever with God.
    Salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ and not through what we do.
  • Water baptism is an important way of showing we identify ourselves with Christ’s burial and resurrection. Jesus commanded us to do it as an outward sign of what we believe in our heart.
  • Communion is another outward sign Jesus commanded us to observe. During the act of communion, we remember that Jesus allowed His own body to be broken for our healing and His own blood to be shed for the forgiveness of our sins.
  • The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a gift all Christians can receive. With this baptism, we receive boldness to tell others about God, strength and wisdom to live the way God desires us to live, and the power to do the work God calls us to do for Him.
  • According to Acts 2:4-8, speaking in tongues is the initial sign that a Christian has been baptized in the Holy Spirit. It provides us with a way to pray that goes beyond our natural ability to reason, and it is a way to strengthen ourselves to do God’s will.
  • The church is the body of Christ, and it consists of all who believe in God and have made Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior of their lives.
  • The full Gospel message and the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross includes all kinds of good things for those who believe, including salvation, forgiveness of sins, well-being in our minds and hearts, health in our bodies, financial provision, good relationships, and all other good things we can imagine. All good things come from God.
  • Jesus Christ is coming again to gather all Christians to be forever with Him.
  • There will come a time when God judges each of us. Those who have not accepted the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross before that day of judgment has come will be forever separated from God and will dwell forever in the lake of fire, also known as hell.
  • Divine healing is a promise of the Father to all believers. The redemptive work of Jesus Christ provided healing for us, and believers can receive healing through faith in the Name of Jesus Christ.